Monday, December 28, 2009

1st BDM 102 Videos

You can click the following links to watch the videos posted about the conduct of the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race (1st BDM 102):

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflectorized Vest & Flashlight/Headlight

Runners who will participate in the BDM 102 are encouraged to wear a reflective vest or wear a running apparel with reflectorized markings or tapes during the early part of the race until sunrise.

Runners also encouraged to carry with them flashlight or wear headlight from the start up to sunrise.

The route on the first half will be dark as there are no lights or lamp posts along the road.

Find time to "test" your reflectorized apparel/vest, flashlight, or headlight during your night runs.

Bring extra batteries for the flaslight/headlight during race day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Important Dates

January 5, 2010---Last Day of Application

January 6-22, 2010---Registration Period & Payment of Registration Fee

January 22, 2010---Last Day of Registration & Payment of Registration Fee

January 23, 2010---"Test Run" from Km # 50 to Km # 102

January 16-March 1, 2010---Submission of Medical Certificate or Doctor's Certificate

March 1, 2010---Last Day of Submission of Medical Certificate or Doctor's Certificate.

March 1, 2010---Tentative Schedule for Race Briefing

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

135 Runner-Applicants & AFP/PNP Runners

As of now, there are already 135 runner-applicants for the 2nd BDM 102.

Last Monday, I gave my request to the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for the Major Services to allow their runners to compete in this ultra running event. A slot of 30 runners is already reserved for them.

Hopefully, the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be able to participate in this event. If they can contribute another 10 runners, this will make at least 40 slots for the armed & police services to participate.

With the inclusion of 40 slots, there will be 175 runner-applicants for this event as of the present. However, these applicants will still undergo screening process.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Rule # 13: Medical Issues

All runners must be willing to submit to a drug urine test before, during, or after the race. If any banned substances are detected, the runner will be disqualified from the competition and listed as DISQUALIFIED FOR DOPING in the final standing of the race.

Crew members may not use illegal drugs, stimulants, or dope, as well as alcohol of any kind, during the race or at any official race events or activities.

I.V.s (intravenous fluids) are not permitted during the race. If a runner receives an I.V. during the race, for any reason, then that runner is disqualified and must withdraw from the race and the race course.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rule # 12: Leaving The Course Or Withdrawing

Every inch of the race course must be traveled by each runner-participant. In the event of a routing error, wrong turn, the runner may be driven back to the exact original spot where he/she left the course and continue running from that location. There will be no allowance made for lost time or kilometers run in the wrong direction.

If a runner-participant needs to leave the course, his/her crew must take note of the exact location where he/she left and make sure that the runner should resume the race from the said place or point. Runners may only leave the course for appropriate reasons such as rest or medical attention.

Runners are no longer allowed to leave the race course to eat in commercial establishments or fastfood stores. If runners intend to eat the food from these fastfood stores or commercial establishment, they have to instruct their crew to buy the item for them and have the food given along the race route.

If a runner withdraws, he.she or his/her crew must contact the Race Dorector or Race Marshals in the nearest Time Station immediately. The name of the runner, reason for withdrawal, time of withdrawal. and number of kilometers completed must be stated.

All runners and crew who drop are encouraged, and expected, to come to the finish line and both post-race events to greet and celebrate with their fellow runners and crews.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rule # 11: Media Broadcast & Coverage

There will be no TV, film, or video crew, person, producer, director or other broadcast media representative may accompany or cover any runner-participant or the race itself without the specific written permission of the Race Organizer/Race Director.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rule # 10: Time Stations, Instead of Aid Station

At designated points, there will be TIME STATIONS along the race route. The said stations will be manned by Race Marshals who will take note of the runner's arrival time at the said point. The runner must be able to affix his/her signature on the time stated or recorded.

The runner's order of arrival in the said time station will also be recorded.

It is a must that a runner stops at these time stations.

Non-appearance and no signature on the time of arrival would mean disqualification from the race.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rule # 9: Race Bib Should Be Visible Always

The runner's Race Bib/Race Number should be visible always during the race. The runner has the option to wear the Race Bib on the front portion of the body by pinning it on the race singlet or running shorts. It can be attached to a "fuel belt" provided it should not be covered by the runner's shirt or singlet.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rule # 8: Cut-Off Time Is 18 Hours

This race was initially planned to have a cut-off time of 15 hours. However, due to the hot weather and humidity in the country during the summer months, I gave an additional 3 hours so that more runners would be able to finish the race.

The Comrades Marathon Race, which is a 90-Km Road Race in South Africa, has a cut-off time of 12 hours! The next year's edition of this ultramarathon race will be its 85th staging of this annual event. In the coming editions of the BDM 102, we will study and try to reduce the cut-off time to make it more challenging and interesting. However, we are also trying to study to come up with different classification of finishers depending on their Finish Times and receive distinguishing medals for their excellent performance/accomplishments.

For the 2nd edition of BDM 102, we will maintain the cut-off time which was started last year, 18 hours to finish the race. Anybody who is still on the road after the cut-off time will be considered as DNF (Did Not Finish). Runners who DNFed will be picked-up by our Official Vehicles or Ambulances along the route and they will be brought to the Finish Line.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rule # 7: Only One Support Crew For A Runner

Only one (1) support crew is allowed to be dedicated for every runner-participant in the race. The duty of the support crew is to hand in or give to the runner the necessary drinks, food, sponge, water, or any part of the runner's apparel if in case he/she needs to change during the race.

The support crew will not pace with the runner. His duty is simply to give any item needed by the runner.

Support crew must take extra care and vigilance when crossing the road from the right side of the road where the support vehicle is parked to the left side of the road.

Support crew will also make sure that littering of waste along the route is not allowed.

Rule # 6: Runners Shall Ask Permission To Display Corporate Sponsors

If a runner-participant is being sponsored by a corporate entity, no corporate logo or symbol shall be displayed on the runner's support vehicle or apparel without the permission of the Race Director. A written request for permission is a must.

However, a runner-participant is allowed to display the name of his/her running club only, whether in his/her apparel and/or the designated support vehicle. A Runner-Participant is allowed to use his/her Running Club's Uniform.

Support Crew is also not allowed to display corporate logo of his/her runner's sponsor without the approval of the Race Director.

Display of Corporate Logo as Sponsors of Individual Runner without Permission from the Race Director will outrightly disqualify the runner.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rule # 5: Runner MUST Submit Medical Certificate

All qualified runners must submit their Medical Certificate taken at least two (2) months before Race Day.

We will start receiving Medical Certicates on January 16, 2010 and the Last Day of Acceptance will be on March 1, 2010. Please send Copy of Medical Certificate through e-mail at or send it through the Post Mail at:

Bald Runner's Events
115 2nd Floor M.H. Del Pilar corner E. Angeles Streets
Barangay Santo Tomas, Pasig City 1600

If the Medical Certificate will be sent through the Mail, make sure that it will reach us before March 1, 2010.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rule # 4: Pacer Is Not Allowed During The Race

Every runner will not be allowed to have any Pacer during the Race.

If two competing runners would pace each other, the other runner is either on the front, back, or far left side of the runner.

Rule # 3: Runners Must Stay On Left Side Of The Road

Runners MUST run on the far left side of the road or off the left side of the road, facing the incoming traffic.

Running MUST always be on SINGLE FILE.

Runners must progress under their own power without drafting, helping, pushing, supporting, or any type of physical assistance.

Runners may not use walking sticks, ski poles, or the like. So-called "cooling vests" or toher types of artificial/technological cooling system may not be worn or utilized by runners while making forwatd progress on the race course.

Runners may not carry an Umbrella or allowed to be shaded with a Cover by a Support Crew.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rule # 2: Every Runner Must Have A Support Vehicle

Every runner in the race must have his/her dedicated support vehicle. The support vehicle must be a Car, MiniVan, SUV, or pick-up Car. However, for those who do not have the resources to rent a vehicle or have their own, we will allow two runners up to four runners for a single support vehicle or Van.

One runner could not exceed one vehicle as his/her support vehicle.

We will not allow two-tired vehicles, like motorcycles and bicycles as support vehicles.

The support vehicles MUST "leapfrog" the runner at all times. The driver of the support vehicle must see to it that the vehicle must "leapfrog" at least one kilometer or more in length ahead of the runner. Runners may not be "shadowed" (driving a vehicle at the runner's speed) and vehicles must not "caravan" (drive together, like a train, at any speed). Driving may never be at the speed of the runner. Driving must be done at the speed of traffic, never slowing down to encourage, talk to, or lend assistance to any runner while moving. All assistance must be provided by pedestrian crew members; handing off supplies from the moving vehicle is never allowed.


All support vehicles must have their headlights ON whenever the engine is running and throughout the route during the race.

The Race Director will provide the appropriate signages for the support vehicle stating "CAUTION: RUNNERS ON ROAD/RACE IN PROGRESS" and the runner's name & race number visible on the side or back.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rule # 1: "Cheaters" Are Automatically Disqualified

As a Race Director & Runner-Competitor in the 1st BDM 102, I was a witness to cases of cheating acts of runners during the race. I know these runners but I have not exposed them in my report/blog but for the 2nd edition of this race, I will be more strict on this rule & regulation. Hence, this is the most important Rule of this Race.

If there is a single doubt or information that a runner had cheated during the race, the runner will be immediately disqualified and removed from the race. Henceforth, the runner will be permanently banned to join/participate in this race, even as a driver, support crew or volunteer.

Cheaters will be exposed in this blog; in my blogsite @ Bald Runner; and at the official website of Bataan 102.

Let us maintain the Integrity of this race.

BDM 102 Race Rules and Regulations

For the 2010 BDM 102 Race, I will be adopting the Badwater Ultramarathon Race Rules as my reference. Most of the Rules and Regulations will be coming from the said Race. For complete list of the Badwater Ultramarathon Rules, please visit

Starting today, I will post each Rule & Regulation on a daily basis.

96/13 Runner-Applicants And Counting...

As of November 2, 2009. there are already 96 runner-applicants for the 2010 BDM 102 where 13 runners are coming from other countries. With at least 2 full Marathon Races to be held this coming months before the deadline on January 5, 2010, more runner-applicants will be expected to beat the scheduled deadline.

If ever the maximum limit of 150 runners will be reached, we will allow additional slots up to 200 runners to allow the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippine (Philippine Army, Philippine Navy/Marines, & Philippine Air Force) and the Philippine National Police to join in this historic ultramarathon event.

(Note: Complete List of Runner-Applicants Is Shown on the Side Bar of this Blog)

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Comment From Atty Jon On "Logistics vs. Integrity"

I received the following comment from Atty Jon Lacanlale, one of the top finishers in the 1st Edition of the DBM 102 on my post entitled "Logistics vs. Integrity"

My two cents worth.

Perhaps, you may want to consider raising the fee at a reasonable rate to cover additional expenses? I mean that is what fees are for anyway. This will translate to more personnel and additional aid stations to help those who may not have vehicles to support them especially those foreign participants.

In 1st BDM102, some of us runners were lucky to have support crew and vehicles but most runners did not have. I am sure runners will understand the increase if they know the reasons for it.

Ideally, you may want to have aid stations in close proximity especially during the later stages of the race. Like, 1st aid station will be after 15km, then 25Km, 35km and so on. I will even suggest to have aid stations after every 5km after the 75km mark as this is the time when the sun is so hot and runners are reduced to walking sticks.

Other than few aid stations, the 1st BDM102 was a success. Thanks.


The following is my reply to the comment of Atty Jon:

Thanks for the suggestions, Atty Jon! Much that we want to apply and add some more aid station as compared as to what we did in the 1st edition, I have observed that 90% of the runners have their support vehicle even up to the extent of having a lot of pacers & support crews. We have observed also that what was good to eat and drink for me as a runner might not be good to other runners as each of these runners had experimented what is best for them during their training and for the race and they have these items with them in their respective support vehicles. One thing more, the food and drinks we prepared were also given to the runners' pacers and support crew which was supposed to be exclusively for the runners.

I just want simplicity in the conduct of this race and foremost, maintain an integrity in this race. Let us raise the bar for this event. The registration fee is just enough for the medals, trophy, finisher's shirt, coordination expenses and a small token to the marshals and my staff. There will be no more cash prizes for the winners. Finishing the race will be for prestige and our contribution in honoring our heroes. If there are sponsors who can help us with the logistics support system and willing to transport them to the race route area, then, we can bring back those Aid Stations.

With the foreign runners, they can arrange for their "rent a car" with driver through their travel agencies and they could arrive here earlier to buy their provisions. If they need a support crew, we can pay somebody to assist them charge to the account of the runner. These foreign runners know already what to expect and they know what to do. Our experience last year was really a logistics "nightmare". Anyway, there is enough time for the foreign runners to make their travel arrangements. This is true also to the local runners, they have enough time to look for their support vehicle or form a team of four runners as I allow a maximum of 4 runners with one Van as their support vehicle. thanks for the comment.

If the readers have any suggestions or comment about the conduct of the 2nd BDM 102, please feel free to post any comment in this blog.

More People Joining The Race

As of 10:00 AM of 30 October 2009, more people from the country's running website,, are joining the 2nd edition of this race. There are 92 runner-applicants for this race already with 12 foreign runners.

As we plan to request the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police to field at least 10 runners from each of their organization, an additional estimate of 40 runners will be included to this race.

We will be sending also letter of invitation to Running Clubs in Key Cities in the country for them to join this yearly ultramarathon event. We have prepared letters of invitation for Cebu City, Davao City, Cagayan De Oro City, & Dumaguete City.

As of yesterday, we have started giving letter of requests for sponsorship to our friends. We hope to get positive responses

Thursday, October 29, 2009

87/11 & Another Indonesian Runner

As of 8:00 AM of 29 October 2009, there are already 87 runner-applicants with 11 runners coming from other countries who have signified their intention to run the 2nd BDM 102.

An Indonesian friend of Jerry Karundeng aka High Altitude is interested to run in this event and I am still awaiting for the submission of his application. He will be applicant #88 and foreigh runner # 12.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Updates As Of 28 October 2009

The following are the updates on the 2nd BDM 102 as of 28 October 2009:

1. The Bald Runner's Events has cancelled the conduct of the BDM 102 Duathlon Challenge and the BDM 102 Hiking Experience due to lack of interested applicants.

2. Based from the trend of runner-applicants who are interested to experience the 2nd BDM 102, we might increase the maximum number of participants to 200 runners, provided they will apply before the deadline date of January 5, 2010.

3. Jonel aka Bugobugo85 @ had made a pledge to support and donate 1,000 bottles of mineral water for the runners of the 2nd BDM 102. I hope more runners like him shall donate any kind of support to this event. Thanks, Jonel!

4. There are already 83 runner-applicants in this event with 10 runners coming from other countries.

Integrity vs Logistics ?

For the 2nd Edition of the BDM 102, our focus in the conduct of this race will be to maintain its integrity. We will see to it that respect and honesty will be strictly observed. Cheaters will be exposed as the race progresses and they will be immdediately disqualified to the said race. These cheaters will be completely banned from future editions of this race.

The Race Organizer will ask the runners to support themselves during the race as limited personnel will be involved in this race. Marshals and staff of Bald Runner's Events will act as time station personnel and security to the runners. Details of the rules and regulations on each runner's support system will be announced soon.

Start Training Now!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

1st BDM 102 Videos

In the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race, the was able to make a coverage of the event and it can be seen at:

Another video presentation was prepared by one of the Finishers of the event, Ronald Rei Declarador and it can be seen at:

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breached 80 Applicants

As of today, October 24, 2009, the number of applicant-runners for the 2010 BDM 102 has reached to 81.

The last day of application will be on January 5, 2010 and there will be no extension.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Application Instructions

You can register by posting a comment stating your complete name, age, date of birth, contact number, and e-mail address at the BATAAN 102 EVENTS Page at

2nd Bataan 102K Ultramarathon Race is limited to only 150 participants to include foreign runners.

Registration Fee For the 2nd Bataan 102K Ultramarathon Race is Two Thousand Pesos (P 2,000) for local runners and Seventy US Dollars (US $ 70.00) for foreign runners.

Deadline of Registration/Application on this Page (BATAAN 102 EVENTS) is January 5, 2010. (Ultramarathon Race)

After a thorough screening process, runners who will be included in the final list of participants/competitors will start receiving e-mail letters or SMS messages as an approval of their acceptance to join the race effective January 15, 2010. They are given 15 days to pay their registration fee.

Last Day of Payment of Fee is February 1, 2010.

Friday, October 16, 2009

1st BDM 102K Duathlon Challenge Is Cancelled

The plan to conduct the first Bataan Death March 102K Duathlon Challenge scheduled to be conducted on 21 March 2010 is cancelled.

The cancellation is due to lack of participants and sponsors for the event.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

BDM 102 Blog

This site will be official blog of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race or simply called among runners as BDM 102.

Henceforth, all announcements and updates on the 2nd edition of the ultramarathon race will be published in this blogsite.

The 2nd edition of the race will be held on March 6, 2010, starting in Mariveles, Bataan and finishing in San Fernando, Pampanga. The race will start after midnite of March 5 and runners must be able to finish the race within the cut-off time of eighteen (18) hours.

Participants are advised to start training now!