Monday, November 2, 2009

96/13 Runner-Applicants And Counting...

As of November 2, 2009. there are already 96 runner-applicants for the 2010 BDM 102 where 13 runners are coming from other countries. With at least 2 full Marathon Races to be held this coming months before the deadline on January 5, 2010, more runner-applicants will be expected to beat the scheduled deadline.

If ever the maximum limit of 150 runners will be reached, we will allow additional slots up to 200 runners to allow the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippine (Philippine Army, Philippine Navy/Marines, & Philippine Air Force) and the Philippine National Police to join in this historic ultramarathon event.

(Note: Complete List of Runner-Applicants Is Shown on the Side Bar of this Blog)


Jonnifer said...

It seems the 2nd BDM102 will be very exciting yet competitive race just by looking at the names of the participants. Just reading the list gets one all fired up!

Some of the top finishers are there as well as the "veterans". I don't know see the name of the 1st place winner. Too early to tell though. It'll be a grand time for the ultrarunning community. Mabuhay and good luck again!


Im jonathan Gener I would like to register for the BDM on March :)