Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Integrity vs Logistics ?

For the 2nd Edition of the BDM 102, our focus in the conduct of this race will be to maintain its integrity. We will see to it that respect and honesty will be strictly observed. Cheaters will be exposed as the race progresses and they will be immdediately disqualified to the said race. These cheaters will be completely banned from future editions of this race.

The Race Organizer will ask the runners to support themselves during the race as limited personnel will be involved in this race. Marshals and staff of Bald Runner's Events will act as time station personnel and security to the runners. Details of the rules and regulations on each runner's support system will be announced soon.

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Jonnifer said...

My two cents worth.

Perhaps, you may want to consider raising the fee at a reasonable rate to cover additional expenses? I mean that is what fees are for anyway. This will translate to more personnel and additional aid stations to help those who may not have vehicles to support them especially those foreign participants.

In 1st BDM102, some of us runners were lucky to have support crew and vehicles but most runners did not have. I am sure runners will understand the increase if they know the reasons for it.

Ideally, you may want to have aid stations in close proximity especially during the later stages of the race. Like, 1st aid station will be after 15km, then 25Km, 35km and so on. I will even suggest to have aid stations after every 5km after the 75km mark as this is the time when the sun is so hot and runners are reduced to walking sticks.

Other than few aid stations, the 1st BDM102 was a success. Thanks.


Bald Runner said...

thanks for the suggestions, atty jon! much that we want to apply and add some more aid station as we did in the 1st edition, i have observed that 90% of the runners have their support vehicle even up to the extent of having a lot of pacers. we have observed also that what was good to eat and drink for me as a runner might not be good to other runners as each of these runners with their respective support vehicles. one thing more, the food and drinks we prepared were also given to the runners' pacers and support crew whic was supposed to be exclusively for the runners. i just want simplicity in the conduct of this race and maintain an integrity of this race. let us raise the bar for this event. the registration fee is just enough for the medals, trophy, finisher's shirt, coordination expenses and a small token to the marshals and my staff. if there are sponsors who can help us with the logistics support system, we can bring back those Aid Stations. with the foreign runners, they can arrange for their rent a car with driver through their travel agencies and they could arrive here earlier to buy their provisions. if they need a support crew, we can pay somebody to assist them charge to the account of the runner. our experience last year was really a logistics "nightmare". anyway, there is enough time for the foreign runners to make their travel arrangements. thanks for the comment.